Welcome to the Ayrshire Healthy Living Enterprise website.

The Ayrshire Healthy Living Enterprise exists “To work for the preservation and protection of the good health and care both physical and mental, of those within the Ayrshire area and other areas where there is a need and to provide appropriate services and facilities for the purpose of social welfare so that the condition of life and care of said inhabitants may be improved”.

The Ayrshire Healthy Living Enterprise was established in 2012 after many years of operating as the Fullarton Community Health House. We  always endeavour to provide services and activities in response to the needs of the community.

I have observed the changes that have taken place over the years in the Fullarton area and overall it is a much more prosperous area and all the community welcomes this.

Less envious is our health record and it is trying to improve these records that drives our  work.

We are excited at the developments of the AHLE and have been working tirelessly to maintain and improve the facility. We are fully supportive of the Community Association plans for a new community/ health facility in the Fullarton Area. This presents the whole community with the opportunity to work together for a common purpose.

Our co-ordinator is working on a five year business plan to help shape our future and the board and myself look forward to a successful and sustainable future.


Joan Shalley


October 2014